Aerial Photography

The advantage offered by aerial photography is that it reveals to us a bird’s eye view of our homes, commercial buildings & infrastructure, farmlands, landscapes & seascapes, natural watercourses & landmarks, the after effects of disasters (natural or man-made), bush lands & wildlife….basically anything that is physically ground based and visible from the air. This enables the viewer to gain a more accurate perspective of size, layout and existing conditions which in turn assists with planning for the future, or just allows us to better appreciate what we see. I think using both recent aerial & ground level photos is the ideal method to easily communicate accurate & current site information.
Dependent on local weather conditions & surrounding infrastructure, I can provide images either from directly overhead (Vertical) or from an angle to the ground (Oblique). 

As you can see, there are far more details as viewed from the air than can be conveyed from ground-level alone.

Domestic & Commercial

Aerial photography is used in map-making, land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, power line inspection, surveillance, commercial advertising, land development, conveyancing & real estate sales, and artistic projects to name a few examples. The size and complexity of the task dictates the equipment required of an aerial photographer, and therefore the cost to clients.

I operate as a sole trader/small business with low overheads, so my services are directed to those requiring aerial photographic & inspection services for such areas as: home building & renovations, gardening & landscaping, small business planning & promotion, small agricultural producers, rural community-oriented promotion & events, sporting clubs promotion & planning, wildlife surveys, tree health inspections, insurance assessment inspections, and many other tasks. If you think of something I haven’t mentioned please feel welcome to contact me and we’ll see if it’s possible and do-able.

The examples shown here aim to better convey the details available via Aerial Photography, and when viewed as original actual size images we’re able to zoom right in to the picture for inspection purposes.

Images like these clearly indicate if there are any problems you need to address, without having to first physically access higher structures. Then if a problem is identified such as damage to the roof/guttering/TV antenna for example, you can more accurately & efficiently plan for repairs, which should save on costs.

Real Estate

For Real Estate purposes, Aerial Photography has the advantage of clearly defining property boundaries, inclusions, vehicle access, gardening & landscaping layout, location of transport, shopping, schools etc., and the condition of roofs & gutters/TV antennas/satellite dishes/chimneys and other higher property infrastructure.

Business Promotion

To assist in the promotion of your business, Aerial Photography can be used to highlight its location, types of services provided, client access & parking, availability of any subsidiary companies or associates, directions & distance to public transport and other services, and any other useful information pertaining to your operations.

For example, rural tourist accommodation providers could display images of their property’s layout, amenities and scenery and also share their knowledge of produce suppliers, recreational & sporting facilities, medical & dental services, and road conditions.