Pricing, Availability & Bookings

As every customer’s needs vary, so too will costs, and as my initial estimate is based on the information you supply, it follows that the clearer your objective the less planning time & effort I require to tailor the final quote for your specific project. Your quote includes all aspects of the task, and comprises Forward Planning, a Risk Assessment, Flight operations, Travel costs (where applicable), and of course the imagery you’ve requested. There won’t be any hidden costs, and if your request is beyond my capabilities, I can suggest alternate providers and solutions.

It isn’t really practicable to list a standard pricing structure when there can be so much difference in clients’ requirements, however as a general guide I offer the following examples:


For an average sized low-set home (say 200 sq. m), with 3-4 bedrooms, on a 500 sq. m block, with no hazards such as overhanging trees or powerlines, and within 15km of the office (location – Thornlands 4164). Remember that these figures are an estimate only, but do include all costs as mentioned previously.

  • A straight-forward roof inspection could cost as little as $75.00
  • Real estate photos and/or video would cost more due to the range of imagery required, longer flying time, and more specialised editing, however this could be as low as $150.00
  • Garden/landscape planning or display shots will also need a more variable flight profile and planning approach but could be as low as $100

Discounted rates may be offered as follows:

  1. Domestic clients in receipt of genuine DVA, Aged or Disability pensions
  2. Where there are multiple clients with similar projects in close proximity

For commercial properties, clients’ needs vary even more and therefore the task becomes more complex. To provide basic aerial imagery for a business facility consisting of a single level main building of approx. 800sqm on a 2000sqm rectangular shaped block, in a light industrial area with some open space around it and not subject to special authorisations, would start from around $450.00 If the same facility is multi-tenanted then the costs could be shared amongst each stakeholder.

As stated above, these figures are a guide only and each project will be quoted appropriately relevant to its level of complexity & on-site conditions (see Availability and bookings).

Discounted rates may be offered as follows:

  1. Domestic clients in receipt of genuine DVA, Aged or Disability pensions
  2. Where there are multiple clients with similar projects in close proximity
Availability & Bookings​

Since the work is an outdoor activity there are ‘forces of nature’ to consider when flying and filming such as wet weather, high winds, or poor visibility. Because of this both parties need to be flexible when the booking is confirmed. If I’m unable to do the work on the agreed date because of circumstances outside my control, I’ll try and arrange an alternate & mutually suitable day as soon as possible.

Additionally, surrounding infrastructure must be taken into account when I provide a quote; again this is standard operating procedure enabling me to comply with CASA regulations, maintain a safe working environment, and also to ensure the final product you receive is of the highest quality.

For these reasons I prefer not to take on ‘rush’ jobs because as you can appreciate there’s quite a bit of planning involved to complete each project safely and to your satisfaction.

Deposits, Travel Costs, Fees and Cancellations ​

In some situations travel costs, deposits and/or planning/administration fees may apply as follows:

  1. Where I’m unable to prepare an accurate quote without first completing an onsite visit requiring a total travel time of more than one (1) hour, a fair & reasonable travel fee may be requested
  2. When task complexity is such that the planning for an accurate quote requires more than one (1) hour and/or flights need prior authorisation from other land owners and/or regulatory bodies (e.g. CASA, Air Traffic Control, Department of Defence, the Queensland Police Service, Power & Water Utilities, Local Government), a fair & reasonable planning/administration fee may be requested
  3. If the final quote is $500.00 or more a deposit of 15% may be requested

I will be notify you of any possible travel costs and/or planning/admin fees necessary for quote purposes, either with my initial estimate or as soon as possible thereafter. If you proceed with the quote, and then through to project completion these costs will be credited towards the final balance owing. Otherwise, they will not be refunded unless by prior agreement.

For completed projects, any deposit amount will be deducted from the final balance owing. If you as the client choose to cancel the project less than 7 days before commencement, this deposit or part thereof may be non-refundable depending on actual work completed for the task, and invoicing will be available detailing that work. However this will depend on circumstances relevant to each project, and any prior agreement.