About Us

Dragonfly Aerial Imagery is a small, family-owned operation formed in 2016 with the aim of providing a quality aerial & general photography service to homeowners, landowners, gardeners, farmers, orchardists, real estate agencies & developers, smaller businesses, sporting groups and communities. It also combines my background in aviation and technology with my interests in photography, allowing me to truly enjoy my work and see more of the greater Brisbane area.

If you live in the countryside and perhaps find it difficult to access this type of service, then please rest assured that I understand and can relate to some of the problems associated with trying to market your product/s to potential clients located in the major towns and cities, or interstate and overseas. You see, I had the good fortune to be raised on a farm in the wheat & wool area of south western WA, and I really enjoy supporting country people.

Through my camera lens whether it’s in the air or on the ground, I offer an alternative means of promoting your rural property, business, club, local tourism attractions & accommodation, and your community as a whole.