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Video & Still Photography

Book with peace of mind knowing that our operator is accredited, insured and professional at capturing high impact aerial visuals and footage.

Welcome to Dragonfly Aerial Imagery

At Dragonfly Aerial Imagery I provide an affordable aerial photography and videography service for domestic, small commercial, and rural customers. I am fully CASA accredited, carry Public Liability Insurance, and work within CASA Safety Guidelines & Regulations.

Services I offer range from checking the roof of the family home for blocked gutters, roof maintenance inspections & TV antenna checks, to high quality images for sales purposes or landscape planning and gardening displays & design, assisting small developers with progressive on-site imagery & pre-development assessments, carrying out asset inspections (e.g. sportsground lighting towers, sporting club/stadium roofing, shopping centre roofs, communications repeater towers), high definition images to assist with insurance assessments, and even inspections of trees & vegetation for wildlife habitat surveys, tree health, and possible safety concerns regarding tree location.

I also provide some general photography & product promotion services, and staff photos.

Another area I’m able to assist with is close-up visual inspection of alternative energy-based equipment such as solar panels, solar hot water systems and wind-powered generators.

Current planning also includes the addition of Thermal Imagery, and Mapping & Surveying services in the near future.

Perhaps you’re a proud gardener with a floral display you wish to share, a homeowner wanting to landscape/renovate or sell, or you’d just like some high quality aerial images of your home & land.

  • General aerial photography & videos.
  • Real Estate
  • Farming & Acreage properties – asset inspection, land management planning, scenic views, crop planning & health, stock inspection, water management.
  • Landscaping and Gardening – want a ‘bird’s eye’ view of your garden? Do you have problem areas where nothing seems to grow or survive? Planning a revised layout? I can provide you with aerial images to give you the ’big picture’.
  • Roof inspections – checking gutters, tiles, ridge capping, TV antennas etc.
  • Solar Power & Hot Water systems – visual inspections without the need to clamber about on the roof.
  • Trees, Vegetation & Wildlife – planting programmes, water management, vegetation & tree health, wildlife surveys, bush fire management.
  • Business Promotion – show your location with a tagged aerial image displaying your location, premises & products.


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